Daniel Braby

Daniel Braby

Doctoral Researcher of Political Science

University of Strathclyde

Welcome! I am Daniel, and I’m a doctoral researcher in political science.

My research centers on the dynamics of political conflict between and within political parties. Mainly, what matters to citizens, parties and their supporters, when and why conflicts occur, and how parties internally resolve competing interests.


2020. Shephard, Mark & Braby, Daniel . “ Questions to the PM versus questions by the PM: an examination of the state and nature of ‘Punch and Judy’politics during PMQs at Westminster.” Journal of Legislative Studies 26(1, February): 27–46.


2020. Shephard, Mark & Braby, Daniel. “ PMQs: examining questions addressed by the Prime Minister to the Opposition.” London School of Economics: Politics & Policy Blog .

2020. Shephard, Mark & Braby, Daniel. “ Constitutional Implications of COVID-19: Operation of PMQs* pre and post-COVID-19.” House of Lords Constitution Committee Inquiry into the Constitutional Implications of COVID-19 .


  • Party Politics
  • Comparative Politics
  • Quant Text Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Legislative Behaviour
  • Social Media


  • PhD in Political Science (Currently)

    University of Strathclyde

  • MSc in Political Research, 2020

    University of Strathclyde

  • BA in Politics & IR, 2019

    University of Strathclyde


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